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Sunday, October 4, 2020


          At the beginning off the day do you ever pause to think about those who will cross your path that day?  You may have appointments scheduled.  You will spend time with family members and maybe some friends.  You will probably have discussions with coworkers.  You will have conversations with clerks and those who provide a service for you.  And you will probably have numerous unexpected contacts with folks that you meet throughout the day.  
         Many of these conversations will be about necessary business items, but some will be about other topics of interest - sports, family experiences, future plans, neighborhood and national news and other general information.  Now some of these contacts may be with those who know the Lord, but many of them will be with folks who need the Lord.  Will your words and your attitude in these conversations reflect the love of your Savior?  Will they see Jesus in you? You may be the only believer that they know and ever talk to.  
         This song raises an important question for us about them - "Will you love Jesus more when we go our different ways - when this moment is a memory?"   That doesn't mean that we need to preach to them or flood them with Bible verses.  But it does mean that we need to be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit as He works through us during our conversations.
          The words of this song were penned by a contemporary Christian music trio composed of pastors Randy Phillips, Shawn Craig and Dan Dean.  According to Phillips, "Our songs are usually things that come out of our hearts as pastors. All three of us serve full-time as lead pastors, and sometimes the people sitting in the pews form what God's trying to say to you."  
         Maybe their lyrics would be a good prayer for each of us to pray early in the morning and before many of our conversations throughout the day. "I'd pray for nothing less than for you to love Jesus more."  Lord may my conversations today be acceptable in your sight.  "Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, O Lord, my strength, and my redeemer."   Psalms 19:14.

I feel quite sure if I did my best
I could maybe impress you
With tender words and a harmony
A clever rhyme or two
But if all I've done in the time we've shared
Is turn your eyes on me
Then I've failed at what I've been called to do
There's someone else I want you to see

Will you love Jesus more
When we go our different ways
When this moment is a memory
Will you remember His face
Will you look back and realize
You sensed His love more than you did before
I'd pray for nothing less
Than for you to love Jesus more

I'd like to keep these memories
In frames of gold and silver
And reminisce a year from now
About the smiles we've shared
But above all else I hope you will come
To know the Father's love
When you see the Lord face to face
You'll hear Him say "well done"


I'd pray for nothing less
Than for you to love Jesus more

Listen to it here.   LOVE JESUS MORE

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Holly McCollum said...

Thank you for your faithful service in writing this blog!
My dear aunt recently went home to be with the Lord and our family had the great privilege to sing her into his presence. It was a heartbreaking, but most precious time and we were so grateful to be able to do such a thing during this covid situation. My parents, aunts and uncles history of faith is so long that I barely knew any of the beautiful hymns they were digging up from their memory banks. Despite that fact, in the quiet days that followed, the Lord kept bringing single lines of them into my heart, and sure enough, I would find them here in your blog, complete with a video in case I had forgotten the melody. I love to sing hymns to my young daughters as they fall asleep and have been able to add so many because I found them here. Thank you for faithfully doing this for so many years! The Lord is surely using your efforts for His glory and I am very grateful for that.