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Sunday, January 29, 2017


Don Wyrtzen
          We've probably all had the experience of being on a long trip or vacation.  We've enjoyed ourselves and there are often some things we hate to leave, but we know that we must.  Then we begin the long trip home.  Sometimes it goes smoothly but often there are problems - traffic jams, detours, delayed flights, missed connections, flat tires and things we've never expected and we are weary.   But finally we reach our destination - home.  It is where we belong.  And that is so much like our eternal journey.  Now we are pilgrims here, but this isn't our real home.  And there are things here that we enjoy, especially family members and friends.  But eventually life leads us to our final destination - our eternal home.  And the final journey might be rough with illness, physical difficulties, worries, heartaches, disappointments and probably even pain.  But then comes the anticipated conclusion - we're finally home.  And musician Don Wyrtzen pictured that moment with his exciting words, "Just think of stepping on shore, and finding it heaven, Of touching a hand, and finding it God's, Of breathing new air, and finding it celestial, Of waking up in Glory, and finding it Home."  What an amazing experience that will be.  Wyrtzen pictures this life as a restless, tempestuous sea, and that is a good description of this life, especially in light of current events.  And believers do look forward to that day when we will be with Jesus.  But if you are like me, sometimes you wander how the final journey will be.  Will it be quick like it was for my mother who was killed in an accident and like it was for my father who died of a heart attack?  Will it be long as it was for my mother-in-law who suffered for months or as some friends who suffered for years in nursing homes.  We have no idea how our journey will be, but we do know that the Lord will be with us to comfort us and strengthen us and guide us to our final home.  He has promised never to leave us or forsake us and He keeps His promises.  Someday we will be finally home and what a day that will be!  It will be worth it all when we see Jesus!  It is very unusual situation when I actually know the composer of a hymn featured here, but we have had the honor of being with Don Wyrtzen many times over the years at the Pinebrook Bible Conference.  We have heard him in concert and enjoyed his music and his teaching.  He is gifted and humble. He has arranged or composed over 400 anthems and sacred songs.  Over two million of his musicals and cantatas have been sold.  But this week's featured song has to be one of his finest.  Take time this week to think about the words and the truth of the message that they share. Live in anticipation of that day when you step on shore and find it heaven.  I trust that you have put your faith in what Christ has done for you on Calvary and that you have the assurance that one day you too will finally be home where Christ today is preparing a place for you.

(1)     When alarmed by the fury of the restless sea,
Towering waves before you roll,
At the end of doubt and peril is eternity,
Though fear and conflict seize your soul
Just think of stepping on shore, and finding it heaven
Of touching a hand, and finding it God's
Of breathing new air, and finding it celestial
Of waking up in Glory, and finding it "Home"

(2)     When surrounded by the blackness of the darkest night,
Oh how lonely death can be,
At the end this long tunnel is a shinning light,
For death is swallowed-up in Victory, (Victory!)
Just think of stepping on shore, and finding it heaven
Of touching a hand, and finding it God's
Of breathing new air, and finding it celestial
Of waking up in Glory, and finding it "Home"
Finally Home!  

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Anonymous said...

Just found your blog and have enjoyed it. The song "Finally Home" has always been a favorite of mine as it was sung at both of my parents funerals. It gives such hope and encouragement! Our church family is waiting for one of our saints to "go home" as the doctors say that he has less than a week. We grieve but not as those with no hope.

Thanks for your blog....

"Next to the Word of God, music deserves the highest praise." Martin Luther