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Sunday, July 12, 2015


         I was so blest to have a grandfather and a father who were godly men.  I learned so much from their wisdom and example.  But they are now home with the Lord.  And so often I wish that I could talk to them once again and be taught by them.  But I can't.  However, I have a heavenly father who is all knowing, all powerful and always present.  And He knows my needs and cares about them.  And while He will never speak to me verbally as my earthly father did, His Holy Word and His Holy Spirit do lead me daily.  And He gives me the strength to serve Him and carry out his plan for me here on earth.  And while this week's hymn choice is a prayer for His leading, it does remind us of the many needs that we have that He will meet.  We need His leading, His feeding, His strength, His teaching, His rest, His filling, His guidance and His blessing upon what we do and say.  And it should be our prayer to be used by Him where and how He wants us to be used. We are made to be reflectors of God and His truth. All around us are those in deep spiritual need. What can we do for them? Nothing, on our own. They need a touch from God. They need Him, and we can have a part in bringing them together. We can be His reflectors. or as it says in the first verse, His "living echoes." As Jesus said to His followers,"Freely you have received, freely give" (Matt. 10:8). And later Paul was able to say, "I received from the Lord that which I also delivered to you" (I Cor. 11:23). We can only pass on what we have received. In 1872, Frances Ridley Havergal wrote a hymn-poem she entitled, "A Worker's Prayer." Today we know it by the opening words, "Lord, Speak to Me."  It is a prayer that believers should pray daily. If we are to lead others, it must be as God leads us. If we are to feed them with spiritual manna, it must come from Him.  Daily we need to open the Word of God first for ourselves, in order to hear His voice, praying, "Lord, speak to me that I may speak."  And not with a verbal voice or even a vision, but through His written word and the Holy Spirit. Have you spent time alone with Him and His Word today?

(1)     Lord, speak to me that I may speak
In living echoes of Thy tone;
As Thou has sought, so let me seek
Thine erring children lost and lone.

(2)     O lead me, Lord, that I may lead
The wandering and the wavering feet;
O feed me, Lord, that I may feed
Thy hungering ones with manna sweet.

(3)    O strengthen me, that while I stand
Firm on the rock, and strong in Thee,
I may stretch out a loving hand
To wrestlers with the troubled sea.

(4)     O teach me, Lord, that I may teach
The precious things Thou dost impart;
And wing my words, that they may reach
The hidden depths of many a heart.

(5)     O give Thine own sweet rest to me,
That I may speak with soothing power
A word in season, as from Thee,
To weary ones in needful hour.

(6)     O fill me with Thy fullness, Lord,
Until my very heart overflow
In kindling thought and glowing word,
Thy love to tell, Thy praise to show.

(7)     O use me, Lord, use even me,
Just as Thou wilt, and when, and where,
Until Thy blessed face I see,
Thy rest, Thy joy, Thy glory share.

You can listen to this here.  LISTEN

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