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Sunday, October 31, 2021


          Sometimes music written for children can contain profound and challenging messages which adults need to hear.  That is often the case in some of the music written by Ron Hamiton, also known as "Patch the Pirate".
          Born in Indiana in 1950, his mother encouraged him to study music as a child, and he reluctantly learned to play the trombone, piano, and the guitar. As a small boy, his family would sing often together, and the children were encouraged to make up their own parts to harmonize.  
          In 1978 a doctor discovered cancer in Hamiton's left eye requiring his eye to be removed.  As he traveled around speaking at evangelistic services in churches children began affectionately calling Hamilton "Patch the Pirate." Around this time he began writing music for children to be sung in church.  He has published hundreds of songs and hymns and written numerous cantatas, plays, and children's stories.
           One of his songs is the one I have chosen this week. It deals with the topic of fear, something often experienced by most children.  Many of the things which used to scare us as children may no longer scare us today.  But life still has a way of producing anxiety and fear in every person.  There is much in our current events that may tend to produce fear in even the stoutest heart. First with COVID-19 and now rioting and protests, who could fault a person for being a little fearful for the future?
           Psalm 23:4 reminds us that God never promises to remove all the difficult or scary circumstances from our lives. We are never promised a life of ease or comfort. What  we are promised is that God will be with us throughout the trial. Hebrews 13:5 states the same promise this way: "I will never leave thee nor forsake thee."   He will be right there by our side through every trial, and His presence brings peace to a troubled heart.
          And so Hamiton wrote, "How can I fear?  Jesus is near".  "Jesus is King, He controls everything."   Such a truth that a child can understand and control.   Then why can't we as adults do the same?   Think about that as you read the words of this simple, but very profound, truth.

When shadows fall and the night covers all 
There are things that my eyes cannot see. 
I'll never fear, for the savior is near 
My Lord abides with me. 

How can I fear? 
Jesus is near. 
He ever watches over me. 
Worries all cease. 
He gives me peace. 
How can I fear with Jesus? 

When I'm alone and I face the unknown 
And I fear what the future may be. 
I can depend on the strength of my friend. 
He walks along with me. 

How can I fear? 
Jesus is near. 
He ever watches over me. 
Worries all cease. 
He gives me peace. 
I'll never fear with Him.

Jesus is king  He controls everything
He is with me each night and each day
I trust my soul to the Saviors's control
He drives all fear away

You can listen to it here and maybe the tune and the words will continue to be with you and encourage you this week.   FEAR

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