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Sunday, December 10, 2023


          It's so easy to understand why so many people get discouraged and depressed as they look at our world and events all around us today. Liberal politics, war, sickness, inflation, and crime are difficult to deal with.
          But for the believer there is hope.  A new world is coming.  No more covid, sickness or death.  No more crime.  No more troubles or trials.  No more heartaches or pain.  And best of all we'll be able to sit down with Jesus and feel his matchless grace in a new home of love divine.
          And that is the exciting message shared in this week's hymn 
written by Cleavant Derricks.in 1934.  Derricks is reported to have written more than 300 songs and several songbooks. He spent a lifetime dedicated to the Lord's work, composing songs, directing choirs and ministering from the pulpit.   He was able to minister to the beleaguered with genuine love and empathy.  His songs acknowledged tough times and call on believers to lean not on their own understanding but to trust in God.
          Though an African American, he distinguished himself as a songwriter most notably in the singing conventions of the white churches throughout the American South.
          When Rev. Derricks first approached the Stamps Baxter Music Company with his songs, there was no discussions of royalty payments or negotiations for an advance.  In exchange for his destined classics, like this one, he received songbooks, assets to his congregation's worship experience, but hardly the just compensation he could have generated if he had shopped his songs today.  He was not even interested in money.  He was just a songwriter wanting to get his music published.
          In the many years since this hymn was published, an untold number have been excited to sing of heaven and that coming day when our toils and troubles will be done. We'll be reunited with friends who have already gone home, but more importantly, with Jesus who will provide peace and joy divine.
          Oh Lord, come quickly!

1.   Some of these days I'm going home
Where no sorrows ever come,
We'll soon be done with troubles and trials;
Safe from Heartaches, pain and care,
We shall all that glory share,
And I'm gonna sit down beside my Jesus,
Sit down and rest a little while.
We'll soon be done with troubles and trials,
Yes, in that home on the other side,
And I'm gonna shake glad hands with the elders,
Tell my kindred good morning,
Then I'm gonna sit down beside my Jesus,
Gonna sit down and rest a li'l while..

2.   Kindred and friends now wait for me,
Soon their faces I shall see,
We'll soon be done with troubles and trials;
'Tis a home of Life so fair
And we'll all be gathered there,
And I'm gonna' sit down beside my Jesus,
Sit down and rest a little while.

3.   I shall behold his blessed face,
I shall feel his matchless grace,
We'll soon be done with troubles and trials;
O what peace and joy sublime
In that home of love divine,
And I'm gonna' sit down beside my Jesus,
Sit down and rest a little while.

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