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Sunday, December 24, 2023


          It was 30 years ago.  It was the Christmas season.  Most of my family was gathered in our church with our congregation for the annual Christmas candlelight service which for many years I had directed.  Gathering together was a highlight of our holiday traditions.

          For our family it was an emotional night for just 18 days earlier my mother was killed when a teenager ran a traffic light and hit my parent's car broadside.  Mother instantly went to heaven.  Of course, it was a shock for all of us.

           The days before the holidays were tough, filled with memories and adjustments.  Dad had to adjust to losing mother after over 50 years of marriage. We spent our days sorting through her possessions and dealing with the memories these heirlooms had.  We had many laughs and many tears as we worked through these days.
          But that service hit us with more memories.  I was doing fine until a soloist sang Heirlooms.  Then my tears flowed.

          The first verse describes going through the possessions and memories of one who has passed away.  That does involves going through boxes and letters and photographs - family heirlooms. "My precious family is more than an heirloom to me."
           But then the second verse shares the precious birth of Jesus and how He came to bring us life.  His love pierced through us. And "My precious savior is more than an heirloom to me."
          I thank the Lord for the peace He gave me that night and since then.  I thank Him for my family and many wonderful memories, all heirlooms.  But I especially thank Him for the wonderful gift of salvation and His presence in my life.
          Make sure to take time this year to thank the Lord for your family, your memories, and your gift of salvation.


Up in the attic,

Down on my knees.
Lifetimes of boxes,
Timeless to me.

Letters and photographs,
Yellowed with years,
Some bringing laughter,
Some bringing tears.

Time never changes,
The memories, the faces
Of loved ones, who bring to me,
All that I come from,
And all that I live for,

And all that I'm going to be.
My precious family
Is more than an heirloom to me.

Wisemen and shepherds,

Down on their knees,
Bringing their treasures
To lay at his feet.
Who was this wonder,

Baby yet king?
Living and dying;
He gave life to me.
Time never changes,

The memory, the moment
His love first pierced through me,
Telling all that I came from,
And all that I live for,

And all that I'm going to be.
My precious savior
Is more than an heirloom to me.
My precious Jesus

Is more than an heirloom to me.


Listen to it being sung here.  


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