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Sunday, May 26, 2019


          Today believers are increasingly under attack and facing many difficult challenges as the culture changes and public support of Christianity declines.  And I believe that an an appropriate prayer by believers should be "grant us wisdom, grant us courage ... for the facing of this hour ...for the living of these days ...lest we miss thy kingdom's goals ... that we fail not them nor Thee ... serving Thee whom we adore."  More than ever we need wisdom to be discerning when so many conflicting ideas abound.  And believers need the courage to take a stand for the Truth when it is not popular or accepted.  Harry Emerson Fosdick  (1978 - 1969) was the author of this week's hymn choice which shares this prayer.  Fosdick was ordained in 1903 as a Baptist minister and while it is said that he was a man of great talent, He was also controversial.  However John D. Rockefeller recognized his talent and asked him to serve as pastor of Park Avenue Baptist Church.  Fosdick refused, in part because of Rockefeller's wealth and in part because Park Avenue Baptist Church was too swank.  Rockefeller didn't give up though, and finally persuaded Fosdick to be the pastor of a new church that he would build in a more modest area near Harlem - Riverside Church.  After gaining a number of concessions, Fosdick finally agreed.  He wrote "God of Grace and God of Glory" to be sung at the opening service of that church. This hymn is a prayer - a prayer for God to bestow power upon the church - and wisdom - and courage "for the facing of this hour."  The hour that they were facing at that time was the Great Depression - an economic disaster that drained the nation of life and hope.  "For the facing of this hour," however, is a timeless phrase, because there is never a time when we do not need God's help. "Save us from weak resignation" is an important part of the prayer.  We are always tempted to believe that the evils that we face far outstrip our resources to deal with them.  We are tempted to retreat into a safe place and wait for the storm to blow over. But evil unopposed doesn't blow over.  Now Fostick was said to be a liberal preacher.  Unfortunately, often we don't know the precise theological convictions of many hymn writers.  But in reviewing the words of Fostick's hymn, I personally could not find any words or thoughts that I felt weren't scriptural.  So I have chosen to include it here since I think it is a prayer that is needed today more than ever. I hope that you will agree.  "Grant us wisdom, grant us courage."

1. God of grace and God of glory,
on thy people pour thy power;
crown the ancient church's story;
bring its bud to glorious flower.
Grant us wisdom, grant us courage,
for the facing of this hour,
for the facing of this hour.

2. Lo! the hosts of evil round us,
scorn thy Christ, assail his ways!
From the fears that long have bound us,
free our hearts to love and praise.
Grant us wisdom, grant us courage,
for the living of these days,
for the living of these days.

3. Cure thy children's warring madness,
bend our pride to thy control;
shame our wanton, selfish gladness,
rich in things and poor in soul.
Grant us wisdom, grant us courage,
lest we miss thy kingdom's goal,
lest we miss thy kingdom's goal.

4. Set our feet on lofty places;
gird our lives that they may be
armored with all Christlike graces,
pledged to set all captives free.
Grant us wisdom, grant us courage,
that we fail not them nor thee,
that we fail not them nor thee!

5. Save us from weak resignation
to the evils we deplore;
let the gift of your salvation
be our glory evermore.
Grant us wisdom, grant us courage,
serving thee whom we adore,
serving thee whom we adore.

Listen to it here.    GOD OF GRACE

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