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Sunday, November 1, 2015


         Years ago, on Sunday evenings in our church, it was a regular feature to sing hymns that were requested from the congregation.  Almost every week one of the older attenders would jump right in with his request for "The Lily of the Valley", and, the congregation would sing it with enthusiasm.  The title appears to come from the passage in Solomon 2:1. "I am the rose of Sharon, and the lily of the valleys."  Now I personally believe that the "Lily of the Valley" refers to Jesus.  But there are some who see the Lily of the Valleys as being typological, the Church rather than Christ.  They say that we are the "Lily of the Valley" as the "true Israel".  I am not enough of a Bible scholar to try and argue the point, but I am sure that the author of the hymn, Charles W. Fry (1838 - 1882), was talking about Jesus when he penned the words in 1881.  A bricklayer by trade like his father, Fry was a versatile musician, playing the violin, cello, piano, cornet, and harmonium, and leading an orchestra and band at the Wesleyan Chapel in Alderbury, Scotland. He also helped the Christian Mission in Salisbury, and his family band accompanied Salvation Army founder William Booth in evangelism campaigns.  Fry was buried in his home country of Scotland and a monument there in his memory calls him "The First Bandmaster of the Salvation Army."  It also includes a verse which he wrote, "The former things are past, And ended is the strife, I'm safe home at last! I live an endless life!"   We have many lily of the valleys growing and spreading in our yard.  They are fragrant with little white bells arranged in a row on a tapering stalk.  The whiteness reminds one of the purity of Christ.  The sweet fragrance reminds one of the sweetness in His ministry, especially when He gave "himself for us an offering and a sacrifice to God for a sweet smelling savior".  A lily is very fruitful. They spread throughout our flower beds. One root may put forth fifty bulbs. Through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, He brings forth much fruit.  (John 12:24)  "Verily, verily, I say unto you, except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone: but if it die, it bringeth forth much fruit".  Certainly, the lily of the valleys are a beautiful picture and type of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Fry's hymn is an old one that is rarely sung any more today.  But it contains beautiful reminders of Christ and what he has done for us.  Even if you've never heard it before, take time to meditate on the words and thank the Lord this week for what He has done for you.  He will cleanse you, comfort you, keep you by His power, be with you in times of temptation, He'll never leave you and He will bring you safely to your eternal home.  He certatinly should be the fairest of ten thousand to our souls.

    1.    I've found a friend in Jesus, He's everything to me,
He's the fairest of ten thousand to my soul;
The Lily of the Valley, in Him alone I see
All I need to cleanse and make me fully whole.
In sorrow He's my comfort, in trouble He's my stay;
He tells me every care on Him to roll.
He's the Lily of the Valley, the Bright and Morning Star,
He's the fairest of ten thousand to my soul.


    2.    He all my grief has taken, and all my sorrows borne;
In temptation He's my strong and mighty tow'r;
I've all for Him forsaken, and all my idols torn
From my heart and now He keeps me by His pow'r.
Though all the world forsake me, and Satan tempt me sore,
Through Jesus I shall safely reach the goal.
He's the Lily of the Valley, the Bright and Morning Star,
He's the fairest of ten thousand to my soul.

    3.    He'll never, never leave me, nor yet forsake me here,
While I live by faith and do His blessed will;
A wall of fire about me, I've nothing now to fear,
From His manna He my hungry soul shall fill.
Then sweeping up to glory to see His blessed face,
Where rivers of delight shall ever roll.
He's the Lily of the Valley, the Bright and Morning Star,
He's the fairest of ten thousand to my soul.

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